Free Pattern: Flippy Knit Skirt

Londa's FREE Flippy Fold-Down Ruffle Skirt


Londa Rohlfing


flippy skirt diagram 



Cotton/Lycra Blends work well.  Pre-shrink before cutting
1 yard will make a skirt that is approximately 15” long, with the top folded down.  Length can be adjusted by the amount of the Top that is turned down while wearing. 


Top This is one large piece that will fold in half so that there is a fold at the bottom edge of the band that folds down. Cut your Top piece 2” less than your hip measurement.  

Example:  for Hip 37”
1 piece 25” deep x 35” wide
Ruffle Bottom  Cut a piece 10” deep x full width of fabric (usually 56-60” wide)



  1. Stitch top into a tube.  (Also stitch Ruffle into a tube now too so that you can use your Twin Needle all at once.)  Serge or trim seam close.  Press to one side.  This seam will be located at the left side of the skirt. 
  2. Mark and press in center front and center back and other side of the Top for ‘keying’ up later with the ruffle. 
  3. Fold top in half and press. 
  4. Right side up at machine, using a 4.0/75 Stretch Twin Needle or cover hem on a serger or cover hem machine, stitch ½” or so from the fold. 
  5. Letting fabric lay as it wants to – pin remaining edge together – being sure NOT to force these edges together.  The under layer will be shorter than the top layer – pin as it is, as this is a manifestation of the “turn of the cloth”. 
  6. Baste this edge together allowing for a ½” seam allowance from the shortest edge.
  7. Trim so that the seam allowance is even. 

  1. Seam ruffle into a circle, trim seam and press to one side. 
  2. Press up ½” on lowermost edge and twin needle hem same as you just did for the Top. 
  3. Using an Applique Scissors, trim excess hem allowance close to stitching.
  4. Press Ruffle in half, serving to divide into a center back (the seam) and a center front (the pressed fold).
  5. Set Gathering Stitches using a longer than normal stitch length.  Set 2 rows, one row at 5/8” from the edge, and another at 3/8” from the edge.  Do NOT stitch entirely around the edge, but rather break the stitching at the center back and the center front.  When you start the stitching, back stitch a bit to secure – then when you pull up the top threads, you have something to ‘pull up against’. 
  6. Pin to the Top, matching fold to center front of Top, and matching the seam to the center back of the Top.    Adjust gathering to match, and distribute evenly. 
  7. Stitch with a regular length stitch, stitching between the rows of gathering stitches.  Release and take off innermost gathering row of stitches that will be seen on the ruffle. 
  8. Serge to finish … carefully! 

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