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  • Soap Slivers - I always keep them for the best, washable markers around! I keep them stored in an old prescription bottle..
  • Fabric Tubes - best pressing 'seam roll' around...especially for pant legs. I'll never forget, though, that when I was doing custom dressmaking and my son was about 6 or so - I didn't notice he had drawn all over the tube with red crayon....UNTIL I turned the silk plaid pant leg right side out and saw the embedded red crayon on the pant leg for a customer! Loved that dry cleaner's magic! Sew.... hide yours. I'm sure you can have one free for the asking at any fabric store.
  • Painter's Tape or Post Notes - quick and EZ for sticking on the bed of your machine as a seam guide. I grab my roll of brown half-sticky painters' tape frequently during classes with my young girls. A Rubber Band can also be slid over the bed of a free arm machine and easily moved. Be a "Guide Watcher", not a "Needle Watcher" for straight seaming!

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