Gallery: Customer Jacket Gallery

Gallery: Customer Jacket Gallery

It's always SEW exciting to see jackets made from my designs -I see them as 'children'! Be sure to share them with me...I also have a Pinterest Board and a FACEBOOK album where I will post your photos.
See the Pinterest Album HERE.
And the FACEBOOK Album HERE.(I think!)

An outstanding oriental jacket using Genesis
I LOVE this jacket this lovely lady created using oriental fabrics and directions from my Genesis Plus Talking Pattern. I have to admit, I un-earthed it this last week while cleaning files. I need a HELPER!!!
Sandy's jacket from Sweatshirt Transformations Book
A BEAUTIFUL jacket from Sandy C in CA takes my breath away! This talented lady followed the directions for the cover jacket in my Sweatshirt Transformations Book.
Adorned Jacket
From Sweatshirt Transformations - a great EZ jacket for your first one.

Lovely back fit and embellishment on Carolyn's jacket
Lucinda used the 'Adorned' Jacket directions from my book: Sweatshirt Transformations. Her jacket was started at The Sewing Garret in Daytona Beach, FL.
The embroidery at the sleeve covers some 'boo-boo's from the sleeve insertion. :)
Theresa's 'Adorned' Jacket
Trish (a Bernina Dealer and teacher) came to my book signing at the 2013 BERNINA University with this lovely jacket on and a smile on her face. It put a BIGGER smile on mine!!!
Carolyn's Genesis Plus Jacket in FL
Carolyn proudly wears her jacket created in my workshop with her at the Fabric Superstore in Maitland, FL. The pattern used: Genesis Plus.

Joyce Genesis Plus Jacket in FL
The hot pink accents are GREAT, eh? Genesis Too uses the lower sweatshirt ribbing for the cardigan neckline finish.
Kathi's Genesis Plus - Back view
Kathi took just 2 days to finish up her Genesis Plus jacket from the Sewing Studio Fabric Superstore workshop in Maitland, FL. She is a red head and this Lagoon Blue color is amazing on her. Note the interesting hemline on the next Back view.
Kathi's Genesis Plus Jacket
Created at Londa's 2012 April Get-Away Retreat using a 'morph' of the Transformed™ Talking Pattern™. Kris came and modeled it to me at the Houston Quilt Festival in November. TOO cute!!!

Pam's 'Innovative' Jacket
Pat helps me at the Houston Quilt Festival and always surprises me with her OWN creations - inspired by my patterns. THIS is my ultimate goal for you - that you use what I teach and create your OWN!
Suzy's 'Promised' Jacket
Note the wonderful texture achieved using shrinking fabric - either Texture Magic or Pellons's less expensive Fabric Magic on the yoke. Just lay it on the back of the area to be texturized, free motion stitch as desired, then hover iron over the backing and that backing fabric shrinks 30% creating the front texture!
Bonnie from OH in her 'Devoted' Jacket
Bonnie writes: "I used the Devoted Talking Pattern, one of your U-tube videos, and of course read the pattern directions on my computer. I'm very happy with the end result and will be modeling it at a fashion show for the ASG in April."

Suzy in her sweatshirt jacket
Refined Too Talking Pattern is the basis for Suzy's great jacket.
Living Well Jacket created by Suzy
In 2 day workshops, we have time to work together on a great FIT - which is what pleased both Carolyn and myself on her jacket!
Suzy in Refined Too
'Promised' Jacket Suzy from LA got together with her friend Pam and created this great jacket from one of my Jacket Kits using the 'Promised' design as found in the Sweatshirt Transformations book.

Genesis Too made by Bev
'Adorned' is found in my book: Sweatshirt Transformations. This is on Blue Spruce colored sweatshirt - a GREAT color for Gloria. We added a bust dart for an even better fit for her.....
Back view of music theme Genesis Too jacket
Creator: Renee
Sarah's Devoted Jacket from Houston class
This shop owner came by at the Houston Quilt festival in 2012 to show off the jacket from my 'Innovative' jacket design in my book: Sweatshirt Transformations. She had made it in the hotel room! Assistant Carol show off her jacket of the same design. See how different the same design can look?

Front Neck Detail
Gay proudly models her Genesis Too™ Talking Pattern™ Jacket following a hands-on workshop for her American Sewing Guild in Cincinnatti.
Genesis Too - Inspired jacket
Once again - a great-looking cardigan jacket made with my Genesis Too™ Talking Pattern™.
Back View of Fran's Original Jacket
That is a very accurate running stitch all over the body of Fran's jacket! VERY impressive indeed!

Fran's Original Design
Renee did such a good job of having a 'design theme e' to her jacket! A classic cardigan styled from my Genesis Too Talking Pattern™, this jacket is bound to stay in her wardrobe for years!
Back View
It is so very rewarding when I see customers 'doing their own thing' inspired by my Talking Pattern jacket designs!
Great Jacket
This good-looking gal told me that she used my techniques and collar from the Refined Too™ Talking Pattern and the couching techniques as shared in my Refined Embellishments DVD to create this jacket - even though it was not on a sweatshirt base.

Detailed Photograph
Diane FINISHED her jacket inspired by my Fuchsia Fun jacket - one of the SIX in my Refined Too Talking Pattern!
Rebecca Original
Rebecca says she made this entire jacket from materials she already had. A long sleeve African print top was re-cycled on this jacket. She off-set the front opening for the placement of the 2 ladies cut out of the top. Remaining geometric designs were used on the cuffs bottom edge, left front side and neck band. Way to go, Rebecca!
Carol in her lovely Living Well Jacket
My assistant, Carol Coleman always amazes me with her interpretations of my jacket patterns. Here she models her jacket from my Living Well pattern at the ASG conference in St. Louis, 2014.

Jacket Back
It appears Jan used some oriental silk fabrics. I love the punch of the crimson color and that she distributed it so artfully around the jacket!
Florida Gal - Refined Too jacket
Fran - I need a photo of you from the front! my Living™ Talking Pattern™ was used to create this great jacket. See how much fun you can have couching great yarn?
AnneMarie's Genesis Too Jacket
Created on a double knit base, AnneMarie had fun texturizing the yoke of her jacket.

Jenee's Genesis Too Jacket - Salt Lake City, UT
Joellyn came to FL from Kansas to participate in the workshop at Charlotte Sewing Studio and created this lovely 'Swirl' Jacket from my Living Well Talking Pattern.
Theresa's 'Adorned' Jacket
And proud she should be of her jacket begun at ASG 2014 Conference. 'Adorned' from Sweatshirt Transformations book.
Carol's handy pocket...
Carol travels with only a VERY small purse, and she can put it into her pocket - another reason to sew: putting pockets wherever you want them!

Carol's Genesis Too Jacket - back
Back view of Carol's lovely jacket.
Back of Cher's Genesis Too Jacket
Cher was thrilled with the fit of her jacket after we did a broad back alteration. FIT is why so many of us sew!
Carol's Genesis Too Jacket
Carol treated herself to some Sewing Time - FINALLY and easily created this beautiful Genesis Too jacket on her favorite BLUE color.

Texture Magic Yoke on Cher's Genesis Too Jacket
Theresa finished her jacket from the workshop held at the Aloha Sewing Sewing store in Aloha, OR.
Cher's Genesis Too Jacket from 2014 Retreat
Cher - an attractive redhead, put together this lovely jacket with a batik using my Genesis Too Talking Pattern at my 2014 Creative Get-Away Annual Retreat in Danville, IL at the Threads n Beds Retreat Center.
Pam and Donna in their Finished Retreat jackets!
Pam from TX created this spectacular jacket using the 'Innovative' design found in my book Sweatshirt Transformations using one of my Kits.

Back close-up shot of Goria's beautiful jacket
Rows and rows of couched yarns........
Gloria completed her 'Adorned' jacket at my 4th Annual Spring Retreat
I LOVED this jacket that Renee created inspired by my Worthy Talking Pattern™ as proudly shown to me at the 2014 American Sewing Expo
Ann's FUN 'Adorned' Jacket on Sophia 'ponte' knit base
At this workshop in Knoxville, TN, the shop owner elected to utilize the wonderful ponte doubleknit, 'Sophia' as the base rather than a sweatshirt. It worked exactly the same, but we just added interfacing first in the 'adorned' area. Pattern from my book, Sweatshirt Transformations.

Back of Betty's lovely jacketThe fully embellished, lovely back of Betty's jacket!
Betty in her lovely 'Adorned' Jacket from Sweatshirt Transformations Book
The Knoxville ladies are on a roll! Here is lovely Betty all decked out as one stylish gal in her 'Adorned' Jacket. She worked very hard and got even more enthused about the capabilities of her Brother Quattro Machine! No one else will ever have a jacket like this one - as special as God made Betty! From my Sweatshirt Transformations book. The 'Sophia' double knit (ponte type) was used for the base fabric in this workshop.
Detail of Diane's Jacket... you change your wardrobe from summer to winter - consider your clothing as embellishment fabric, eh?

Diane's Refined Too Jacket at Smocking Shop
I'm sorry I don't remember this gal's name, but she loved to show off he GREAT jacket to me at a FL shop in the spring of 2014. I believe she used my Refined Too - mandating collar jacket as her 'guide' to transform her lovely oriental fabrics into this amazing jacket!
Ann's jacket for her Mother using Genesis Too
Ann's shares that she made this jacket for her mom to wear in hospice because she was always very cold blooded. She first wore it to the July 4th fireworks display and yes, it was 100 degrees outside!
Marla's 'Ruth' Jacket
Mary likes bright - and she had such fun creating this jacket at the workshop hosted by Stony Brook in NJ. We were both thrilled with the fit we achieved for her in this great 2 day workshop!

Ann's Genesis Too Travel Jacket
Ann did a great job on this jacket - basic cardigan style you can't go wrong with: Genesis Too. The front finish is mainly the lower ribbing of the sweatshirt
Back Of Laroyc's Adorned Jacket
What a pretty texture-rich back! By Laroyce from TX
Laroyce's Adorned jacket from quilt Frestival 2013 class
Linda - who thought she was in 'over her head' completed her 'Adorned' Jacket from the Sweatshirt Transformations book in record time and she is one proud lady! Beautiful job!!! Workshop hosted by the Sewing Garett in Daytona Beach, FL.

A great Genesis Too jacket with embroidery
I love the use of the swirl embroidery on this version of Genesis Too. I've lost your name - please let me know!!
Amazing jacket with leather added!
Ann provided a highlight of my Houston trip in 20013 when she came into my booth with a very well-deserved smile of pride in her great jacket! She re-cycled some leather on it as well...the dark areas. And the zebra - just too wonderful!
Anne's Genesis Too Jacket
Anne used a sheer fabric on her Genesis Too jacket, letting the edges fray on the 'patches'. She attached it with free motion embroidery.

Another proud customer pleased with her stylish sweatshirt jacket!
Red and black - stunning on this lady!
Aurelia's Genesis Too Jacket
Aurelia completed her jacket within days since she got SO much accomplished at 'The Farm' workshop held by Stony Brook Sewing & Vac in Bordentown, NJ. Her jacket features texturized flower motifs created with shrinking fabric. The neckline finish uses the lower ribbing of the sweatshirt!
Aurelia's Jacket - back view
The tuck in the back of her jacket creates the perfect fit!

Back of Mary's Vest
I'm begging for photos on HER- stay posted!
back of Trish's Pink Jacket
I especially loved Trish's back design which she said 'just happened'...and indeed, that is the way it works out! Let your trims and fabric 'talk' to you...they'll tell you how to design!
Back View - Joellyn's Living Well 'Swirl' Jacket

Back view of Millie's Jacket
Carol's hybrid of 'Priscilla' and 'Deborah'
From Book 2, Carol used ideas from 'Priscilla' and 'Deborah', and added 4" of fleece to the jacket's sleeve and hem. On the back, she machine embroidered the crest on organza and appliqued it to the jacket back.

Cathy's Genesis Too Jacket
Cathy started this jacket with me at a workshop - and wore it with pride at the Madison Quilt Expo. Wear a jacket or T you've made from my patterns to a show where I'm a vendor, and I'll thank you with a FREE pattern!
Cathy's jacket - back view
Cathy made the back of her jacket VERY interesting - great job, Cathy!
Close-up of Debbie's Jacket

Close-up view of the Zebra Jacket
and...Ann says she's made quite a few others - She used my Genesis Too Talking Pattern™.
Debbie's Genesis Too Jacket
Note the zipper coil 'piping', Fabric Fur made from silk dupioni - GREAT color mix - and especially for Diane's coloring! The 'collar' is made from the sweatshirt's lower ribbing believe it or not!
Fran's Living Jacket - Back View
Fran did such a lovely job on this ORIGINAL jacket creation that she proudly wore to the 2014 American Swing Expo.

Jan's Genesis Too Jacket
Jane proudly showed off her jacket made from my 'Priscilla' design in my Book 2 in the Spring of 2012 when I presented at the Bishop Sewing Group in Michigan.
Joellyn's Living Well Jacket at Port Charlotte, FL
Joyce proudly wore her jacket from Genesis Plus as made in the workshop at The Sewing Studio Superstore in Maitland, FL .... to church!
LaNita's simple, yet great jacket!
Laroyce created this lovely jacket - getting the learning and great start at the all day class at the Houston Quilt Festival, 2013. Find this design as the 'Adorned' style in my book: Sweatshirt Transformations.

Linda's Adorned Jacket from Daytona Beach
Created at Londa's 2012 April Creative Get-Away Retreat using Genesis Too™ Talking Pattern™. Such great colors for Linda! Now just for a coordinating top! :)
Lucinda's Adorned Jacket
Lucinda's Adorned Jacket - front
Marcy had fun working with the stripe in her Genesis Too jacket at the Stoney Brook workshop.

Marcy proudly models her Genesis Too Jacket
Margaret utilized UltraSuede from her stash on this striking version of Genesis Too. She created her jacket at Stony Brook Sew & Vac in NJ during the April, 2014 event.
Margaret proudly models her Genesis Too Jacket
at the Phoenix ASG, Marla 'morphed' Genesis Plus into a simple bound edge jacket - more like 'Ruth' from Creative Sweatshirt Jackets - Book 2.
Mary from NJ is so proud in her Genesis Too Jacket
Florida gal Mary H. decided to do a VEST - and we adapted the 'closed up' style of the Swirl Jacket in my Living Well Pattern to be a 'hang open' style. LOVE IT!

Mary's VEST original inspired by the Living Well Pattern
Millie writes that she used fabrics from her sewing room and receives raves from folks who have a hard time believing it is a sweatshirt! She loved the creative process...
Millie's Jacket
Nancy completed her Genesis Too jacket that she almost got done at the April, 2014 Event at Stony Brook Sewing & Vac in Hopewell, NJ. She says she gets alot of kudos as she wears it!
Nancy's Genesis Too Jacket at Stony Brook in NJ
Pam used directions for my 'Priscilla' Jacket in my Book 2 for Creative Sweatshirt Jackets, but decided the twisted trim 'wasn't her' - which is FINE! This is her FIRST garment EVER!!! Donna brought Pam to the retreat and finished her own 'Innovative' Jacket as found in my Sweatshirt Transformations Book.

Paula's Adorned Jacket - back view
Yeah for Paula! She finished the jacket begun with me at the Hands-On Workshop Class at the Houston Quilt Festival. This jacket is the 'Adorned' jacket featuring couched yarns to create a wonderful yoke, front and back. Then, simple bound edges. Find this jacket in the Sweatshirt Transformations book.
Paula's Adorned Jacket at Houston Quilt Festival
Rebecca showed up at my booth at the American Sewing Expo in 2014 recently and I got a close-up look at her ORIGINAL jacket - utilizing a knit top as embellishment on her sweatshirt - VERY classy!!!
Rebecca's jacket re-cycling an African knit top
This lovely lady finished her Genesis Too™ Jacket - even lining it for extra comfort at my first April 2011 Get-Away Retreat in Danville, IL.

Sewing for fun with friends...
Sondra writes that she used the Worthy Talking Pattern and worked from the Creative Jacket Journey DVD - which can lead anyone through every step of 'Worthy'.
Trish's Genesis Too Jacket at BU
Then...Trish did it again! ANOTHER wonderful jacket from my Genesis Too pattern. I didn't see her, but I was told she even wore this jacket to the final banquet!
Linda's Genesis Too Jacket
This striking jacket was created using my Living™ Talking Pattern™. Creator: if you see this, please email me your name!

back view of Linda's Genesis Too Jacket
Back view. A horizontal yoke always widens the shoulders - which narrows the hips...a GOOD thing for most of us!
Barbara's Refined Too Jacket
Barbara used my Refined Too™ Talking Pattern™ to create this great jacket. A VERY classy jacket on a Blue Spruce sweatshirt!
Kris' Transformed Jacket
LaNita simply bound the edges, couched yarn - and WALA - a great jacket. Follow directions for 'Ruth' Jacket in my Book 2.

Alrlene's Genesis Too Jacket
Arlene showed me her jacket - I believe at the Novi Sewing Expo in 2011. She used Genesis Too™ Talking Pattern™ and one of my Kits. Great job!!!
'Innovative' Jacket from Sweatshirt Transformations book
My sis saw this great jacket at a Dallas Quilt Show in March, 2013. A Bernina shop had created it for a class sample using the directions for the 'Innovative' Jacket as found in my book published by C&T Publishing: Sweatshirt Transformations.
Inspiration from Refined Too
ANd...the amazing back of this great jacket!

Genesis Too Jacket
This student FINISHED her Genesis Too™ Talking Pattern™ Jacket at the Houston Quilt Festival in 2011...determined to finish after the full day workshop by taking advantage of the sewing studios provided. YEAH!
Carol's Worthy Jacket
My show assistant/friend/traveling companion, Carol does a great job of making great jackets. Note on this jacket using my Worthy™ Talking Pattern™ that she has a bust dart - since she cut apart the 2XL sweatshirt and used her OWN pattern with the dart to cut the front.
Living Jacket
Suzy looks great in this sweatshirt base jacket inspired and created following the directions found in my Living Well Talking Pattern.™

Genesis Too Jacket
Beverly is proud of her bright Genesis Jacket and is eager to start another one!
Pat's Original Jacket
Houston helper Pat did it again - another original jacket design!
Gay's Genesis Too Jacket
Renee showed up at the 2014 American Sewing Expo in Novi, Mi with this clever use of a musical theme to this jacket inspired from my Genesis Too Jacket.

Celebration jacket
This flare back is so much fun on my Celebration™ Talking Pattern™. This customer loved it and you will too - the most 'fancy' of my designs.
Darlene's Genesis Too Jacket
Debbie can't wait to start another jacket after the fun we had at the Stoney Brook 2 day workshop where she created this great jacket!
Jane's Priscilla Jacket
Jenee's jacket - using Genesis Too pattern with some 'tweeks' created at Nuttall's Bernina in Salt Lake City, UT June 2014.

Retreat Genesis Too Jacket
Sarah finished her striking jacket began at the Houston Quilt Festival 'Devoted' Class in October 2014. The print is a scarf. LOVELY colors for Sarah, don't you agree?
Pat's Original Jacket
This jacket, 'Adorned' from my C&T book: Sweatshirt Transformations is a beginning level jacket! It is the first of 8 jackets in this book.
Seen at Houston Quilt Festival
Cinda Lou writes: "ust wanted to let you know we finally had our “Creative Jacket Journey”. It was a fun time for 4 sewing buddies. After postponing it 3 times we finally had to go for 2 day in the middle of the week in October.

Julie's Living Well - Wedge Jacket - using men's ties!
Interesting angled hemlines really flatter the figure.
Julie's Living Well - Wedge Jacket - back view
What innovative, creative use of men's ties! Be sure to click on additional views for inspiration for your own creating future!!!
Closeup of 'tie' embellishment
What fun! Even the label...why not!?

Julie's Genesis too Jacket
A very interesting back view - and good because it spans 1/3 of the back area.
Julie's Genesis too Jacket - back view
See how interesting the ties 'play' on the back yoke of Julies jacket!
Sondra's 'Worthy' Jacket
WOW is my reaction to Suzy's jacket using this pattern , Chosen, from my sweatshirt jacket pattern line. Chosen is now a PDF only pattern - found HERE.

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