Gallery: Londa's NEWEST Jackets

Gallery: Londa's NEWEST Jackets

2013 forward: Photos of my NEWEST Jackets - most (but not all) on a sweatshirt base!

Esther - EZ jacket fr
An EZ jacket from my Creative Sweatshirt Jackets - Book 2, this one is EZ! Follow the directions for Esther using a gorgeous fabric, even home dec fabric.
Grape Sweatshirt Base Jacket
Perfct length is achieved and taught in this jacket taught set-by-step in my new Genesis Plus Talking Pattern™
Peacock Ponte Knit Base Genesis Plus Jacket
This jacket is executed on a heavier 'ponte' type double knit fabric in my new Genesis Plus Talking Pattern™.

Raspberry Sweatshirt Base jacket
Raspberry Sweatshirt Base jacket from my new Genesis PLUS Talking Pattern. (January, 2015). This jacket teaches both pocket creation and adding length at the hemline.
Swirl Jacket from Living Well Talking Pattern
Scrumptious braid trims this simple jacket following the Swirl Jacket in my Living Well Talking Pattern™.
Captured Jacket from Sweatshirt Transformations book
Following the great directions for the Captured Jacket in my Sweatshirt Transformations book, I just finished (10-22-14) this spectacular jacket using 1/4 of a shower curtain for the collar and trim on the new Sea Color of sweatshirt.

Genesis - from Sophia Ponte Double Knit Fabric
In preparation for a workshop at Nuttall's in Salt Lake City where students were to use a substantial knit fabric (instead of a sweatshirt) as the base - I created this jacket on Sophia in periwinkle. Note the lower fronts of the center band. I photocopied the hatch design in the print fabric, used the BROTHER My Custom Design to 'digitize' it instantly, and embroidered fabric out of which I cut those lower front bands. See more on my FACEBOOK post of June 23, 2014.
Khaki Oriental Genesis Plus Jacket
The interesting back of my classy Khaki Oriental Sweatshirt Base Jacket.Find this and more in my Genesis Plus Talking Pattern™.
Khaki Oriental Genesis Plus Jacket
Using my favorite cardigan - Genesis Plus Talking Pattern™, I played both sides of this oriental double fabric along with silks to create this great, classy jacket. Learn how to work with a large print in the directions.

Adorned - minimal embellishment
On this jacket, I did less embellishment (FAR less) than on the Chili Red Adorned Jacket. This jacket features creative use of sewing machine capabilities like Bobbin Work and creating a Shell-tucked edge. This jacket took approximately 8-10 hours to execute. I used the Brother Quattro 4 machine - on which the Bobbin Work was REALLY simple~! Basic Directions are found in my Sweatshirt Transformations book.
Lucy jacket worn another way
Adorned - Chili Red Jacket
From the Sweatshirt Transformations book from C&T, my Adorned Jacket features couched yarns and bobbin work on a chili red sweatshirt. Perfect for wearing during the Christmas season this year!

Lucy Jacket for a friend
A 'I Love Lucy' scren-printed T-shirt was the beginning of this knit collage jacket - which can be worn several ways. SUCH fun!
Living Well - Swirl Jacket
Newest (refined) version of the Swirl Front Jacket for the upcoming Living Well Talking Pattern - releasing June 10
Living Well - on Sophia Black Knit Fabric
Living Well - Swirl Jacket - NOT on a sweatshirt, but on Sophia Black double knit fabric - rhinestone antique buttons and menswear herringbone fabric for trim.

Living Well - Wedge Jacket
Wedge Jacket in the Living Well pattern due out June 10 - this design is so long because I added length with a yoke of polar fleece in the front and the back. See the FREE directions at another Gallery.
Living Well - Wedge Jacket
My first 'Wedge' version jacket in the new Living Well Talking pattern - releasing June 10. The lower ribbing creates the neckline.
Black Rahab Jacket
From my Creative Sweatshirt Jackets - Book 2 - the 'Rahab' jacket done in all black with the Black Floral Trim. It fits me better than the dress form!

Vision - knitted collar
A Goodwill sweater transformed with the Light Green sweatshirt using my Vision Talking Pattern.
Innovative Jacket
From my Sweatshirt Transformations book - this jacket made use of just about 1/3 of the Twilight Escape Silk Collection that I sell in my Fabrics department! Almost completely done...then a better photo coming!
Genesis Too - LONG version
My Genesis Too Talking Pattern lengthened substantially by adding a yoke of polar fleece. Read and HEAR how I do it HERE (and see how neat my Talking Patterns are!)

Book 2 - Lydia version
Scraps of fabric 'trapped' under nylon tulle and free-motion stitched (ala Bernina's Stitch Regulator) and simple binding with my Fabric Fur Trim create this jacket based on the 'Lydia' jacket in my Book 2 on a wonderful Crunchberry Sweatshirt base.
Refined Too - Breast Cancer Survival Jacket
I wanted to create a jacket to celebrate those who have battled breast cancer. I purchased a (poor) pink ribbon embroidery motif from Etsy and embroidered it in different sizes on nylon tulle, stabilized with water soluble stabilizer. Then I cut these out and was able to easily place them on my jacket EXACTLY where I desired, stitching in the gap around the perimeter of each motif. The lower ribbing was lettuce-edged on my serger for the upper collar. Large stitches from the BERNINA 780 were utilized on this jacket as well.
Rachel Breast Cancer Survival Jacket
The directions for this jacket are basically those for Lydia Jacket in my Creative Sweatshirt Jackets - Book 2. Read more details in my July 9, 2013 newsletter coming soon.

Sweatshirt Transformations - from Distinctive Jacket
Executed on Charcoal Sophia double Knit fabric without any problem, I utilized some left-overs from a dance dress over 12 years old and some grey silks to create this jacket following the Distinctive Jacket instructions in my Sweatshirt Transformations book.

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