Jan. FashionSewing & Design - Supply LIst/Class Scope

Starting with January, 2017 - my sewing classes for girls will focus on GARMENT sewing and design.  My goal for each girl is not only that they master the time-honored skill of clothing construction using modern techniques, but that they also grasp the exciting DESIGN PROCESS.  With a class of just 4, I will guide each girl at their own rate, but some common learning of basic sewing construction and design principles will keep us 'somewhat' together.  Registration HERE. 
                                                                           WHAT THEY CAN IMAGINE.....THEY CAN CREATE! 
Denim Skirt 
- I will open their eyes to the myriad of design options before them in a simple, 1-seam denim skirt.  Hem silhouette, trim using the denim 'raggy' selvage for a modern look, and much more.  Below are just 2 of the many ideas in my mind...and I have every confidence they will dream up more.  I believe that this should take up to 1.5 of the four 2-hour class sessions.  I focus on modest dress and will use my good judgement, but you are welcome to let me know a minimum side length for the skirt.  
   Supplies needed:  
  • 1 yard of a soft denim - be sure to look at the lengthwise edge which is the 'selvage', as we'll be making use of it as you can see in the pic below.  
  • Thread to match - I prefer the 100% polyester thread from Guterman at JoAnn's.  Always select a shade darker than the fabric itself.  1 spool
  • Londa supplies:  pattern, elastic for waist

Peasant Blouse/Tunic/Dress - Handling more pieces to a garment, raglan sleeves, elastic casings...this project won't offer as much design, but will focus instead on the process of putting together many parts of a garment.  The 'peasant' style is classic and fun.  Yardage needed depends on the length they want:  Blouse, Tunic, or Dress.  
   Supplies needed: 
  • Cotton woven print fabric ( a print hides some irregular stitching).  This comes 45" wide and there is a wall full + more at JoAnn's.  If it 'goes with' the denim skirt - you have an 'outfit'.  
                                                             Blouse - 1 1/2 yard   Tunic - 1 3/4 yard    Dress - 2 yards 
  • Thread to match - see above.  Select a shade a big darker than the background color of the fabric.  1 spool
  •  Londa supplies:  pattern, elastic
Leggings - We may (or may not) have time to do a simple pair of knit leggings.  For this, they would need 1 yard of one of the 'Activewear' Knit fabric (it is high Lycra and heavier) at JoAnn's.  Plus matching thread as above.  I make NO promises that we will get this far, so you might want to wait to purchase this until I let you know for sure.  My personal feeling on 'Leggings' is that they are OK if and only if the top/tunic worn well cover up the derriere!  AND, they can be made larger/looser so that they are not skin-tight.  Please communicate to me your preference.

Miscellaneous Supplies
.  Bring a standard-sized 3 ring notebook.  Londa will supply the papers, dividers, pockets, etc.  The notebook will go home with them each week, and MUST be brought to each class.  The notebook will become their Sewing Textbook.  In it will be kept the directions, sheets where they fill in the blanks to help remember basic principles, a place to sketch what their minds design, Helpful Sewing Information and much more.  Their garment project will stay at the Studio until it is complete.  
2.  Start to have your daughter tear out/save (Pinterest is great - we'll set up a 'Group Board') pics of things that she'd like to make.  This will help me know the style that the girls like.  
3.  Please leave all notions (pins, scissors, etc.) that your child may have at home.  It is far easier for me if we all use the supplies I provide at each sewing and pressing station.  

You need to do the following: 

1.  Go shopping with your girl - this is FUN!  Be sure to sign up for JoAnn's coupons.  There is absolutely NO reason to ever ever pay full price for fabric at JoAnn's.  Walmart also has OK fabric.  The other 2 quilt stores have lovely cottons, but they are much more expensive.  
2.   Fabric must be washed, dried in dryer, and pressed in half, 'pretty' sides together, with woven selvage edges meeting.  This will save us time.  
3.  I need your girl's measurements: Bust or chest - waist - and hip.  Email/text/or call me with this info no later than Jan. 6 so that I can prepare their patterns.    londa@londas-sewing.com   217-369-4687   
4. Make sure that your girl wears tights and a close-fitting 'undershirt' or something for modesty during 'fittings'.  I have created a screened area for 'changing', but we want to be respectful of each girls' privacy.  



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