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Next...if I can just glue myself to the computer to learn how to edit videos, I'll be adding many more - and even Facebook LIVE. But: I'd rather be just SEWING!

Happy Sewing, 

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Past Newsletter regarding my Busy BLOG

SEW... if You Kept a Diary of your sewing experiences and also wanted to share some sewing how-to's with your sewing friends, BLOG would be the way to do it.  It seems Blogging is what I'm focusing on these days since I can't seem to sew without my camera (phone) beside me and a notepad for cryptic notes of my techniques. 
There are 2 ways to 'subscribe' to my blog.  Subscribing means you'll get notification in your email box every time I share something new on my blog.  Here is an explanation on how to subscribe since even I couldn't figure out how to 'subscribe' without my 'Techie's' help! 
ARE YOU FACED with CLEANING OUT HOUSEHOLDS? Aware of the age range of my customers, it is likely that many of you are facing the loss of your parents and cleaning out of their homes - perhaps in the 'downsizing' process.  Or  perhaps you're cleaning out to 'downsize' yourself.  
There ARE things to save among all those household textiles and clothing! 
Of course, men's ties, but also linens of all types including lace and even nice T-Shirts, jeans, etc. Garments someone special made for you...just anything that brings back fond memories.  If you want to go the next step, group things in boxes according to color.  That way,  you'll have a jumpstart when the day to CREATE arrives.  
Below is a picture of the contents of a very special 'project box' I had put together during cleaning out. My box had the gym suit from junior high, and a cotton dress my Mom had made for me when I was 9-10 years old, and a sweater with a run at the neck. I'd thrown in a couple of other pieces in the color family.  
See below what I started with - including a pic of me in the dress, and what I ended up with!  Read ALL about my sentimental sewing day HERE at my Blog.   
What finally got me to get working on this project 
was an UpCycle CONTEST at Pattern Review. 
You'll need to be a member of Pattern Review, or create a (FREE) account to vote, but it's definitely a great site to frequent if you are a garment sewer.  Here's the link to go vote for your favorites.  You get to vote for FIVE!  PS  Vote for mine too!  I'd love to win a contest! 
I hope that seeing my projects inspires you to go digging and SAVING some textiles from your childhood!  
And...I'd love to know what you find and see what YOU create! 
In fact, as I write this newsletter, I'm wearing a raspberry T-Shirt to which I added pieces of a shirt my late mom loved to wear in the nursing home.  I feel close to her when I wear it.  Here's a picture of this garment - one of the pieces in the Upcycle Memento Top pattern.  
I teach bobbin work in this pattern along with the re-cyle and fitting techniques. 
Then, yesterday, I took the bow from the center neckline and the pocket from my gym suit to create this cell phone purse.My purse utilizes the pocket from my gym suit and the bow from the center front neckline of the original dress and CORK Fabric.  Though it shows pin holes (or ripping), this stuff is FUN FUN Fun to work with!  I have left over a piece 29" square I'll sell for 25.00.  Click HERE.  
I also have a 36: x 27" of natural on sale HERE.  Of course, it is available on Amazon.com as well.  
You might want to try it out.  
Whoever orders either of these pieces FIRST will get an $11 purse pattern FREE. 
Since there are NO pattern pieces, but rather lots of pictures and how-to's, it is a quick and EZ purchase.  Just clickHERE. 
Frugal Hints
 Here's a way to have MORE $$ for your sewing stuff:  
1.  When you can't get any more makeup out of the tube, cut it open.  Oh my gosh - I find there's another couple of week's worth hiding in there! 
2.  Order your sewing needles from ME here at Londa's Creative Sewing!  I was absolutely flabbergasted when I went to JoAnn's to pick up some Schmetz Stretch Needles to get some orders out from my last newsletter special since I'd sold out and my supplier order got hung up.  The retail price on them was $6.99!!!!  (Of course, I used coupons to get them cheaper!) But....when my stock came in, the retail price was $4.99!!! That is a whole $2 difference.  I've been more than a tad curious how they can keep offering such sales and coupons, but this is a sample of how they raise the prices on 'other stuff' to allow for all those specials.  
When you order needles from me, not only are they less expensive, I look out for you.  If your shipping seems too high to me for what you're getting, and it won't add to the weight or I'm shipping flat rate anyway, I always include an additional FREE item from my Customer Gift Box! 
I really do hope you jump over and subscribe to my Blog.  I truly feel you'll enjoy following along.  Recent posts include information on changing your serger blades and the 'cold shoulder' fashion.  
                                    Keep sewing and creating,
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