Londa's Must Have Sewing Notions

Londa's 'Must Have'

Starter Sewing Notions

If you've decided to give sewing a try --- more than just stitching up rips and sewing on buttons --- these are the notions that I think you should invest in.....

  • Seam Ripper - I like this one for the big, easy to grip handle.
  • Water Soluble Marker - select fine or thick point
  • Applique Sharp Needles - Black/Gold from Clover sizes 9-12 - perfect size here for most hand sewing uses
  • Point Turner - my absolute favorite, simple tool to safely push out corners once you turn something right side out
  • Loop Turner - inexpensive, loop on one end for holding, hook on other...handy to hook onto elastic lost in a casing in addition to turning a tube!
  • Protect & Grip Thimble from Clover - my favorite new thimble! Select size.
  • Double Needle Threader from Clover - one end fine, other side heavier
  • Steam a Seam 2 - paper backed 1/2" wide fusible web - a 'strip' of glue that bonds 2 fabrics together
  • Schmetz Needle Collection - Londa's favorite needles that will cover most any type of need based on fabric and threads
  • KAI 5135 scissors - small, but still large enough for quick clipping and trimming
  • KAI 5220 Shears - my favorite for cutting garments - invest in these to last a lifetime! Once you get 'hooked' you'll want to add a rotary cutter, cutting mat, etc.

I simply would NOT allow a student to 'fish' pins out of a tin in my classes...what a waste of time! AND, a 'pin' is NOT defined as those things that hold men's shirts together or a corsage on your jacket! Treat yourself to these wonderful PINS and a Pin CUSHION or new Zirkel Magnet (pins fanout for EZ grabbing!) so you can easily and quickly retrieve them and store them as needed!

  • Zirkel Magnet - when pins are held by the head and dropped, they ALWAYS land heads out and fanned for easy grabbing!!!!!
  • Ewesful Pincushion - sets flat, lubricates pins and needles at the same time. Saves time grabbing instead of in a 'tin'
  • Glass Head Pins from Clover of IBC (Imported by Clotilde) - EZ to get hold of - won't melt with iron - perfect strength, yet fine enough for silks

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