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Which PINK for you??? 

     Remember when Color Analysis was all the rage?  When it started, I was very, very curious - I read and read, and searched and searched....knowing I didn't 'buy' into the Color Me Beautiful "cake-mix recipe", but not sure what to do.  I finally was led to the Color Key System - used in Hollywood at the time.  I received training, and built a good business analyzing lots of people during those years.  In addition to selecting their colors, the best part was sitting down with my color notebook and training them to 'see' color in a different way.... I share a bit of that here with you.

        Cool colors - we think of blue, green, purple...      
        Warm colors - we think of yellow, orange, red....

In fact, every fabric on my site is first classified cool, warm, or neutral (black, creams, white, brown, etc.).  But, there is more to color than that.  Every color (and persons' skin tone) is either cool under-toned or warm under-toned...meaning:  there is either blue in the color, or yellow in the color.  There are more cool under-toned people in the world (among all races) than warm, in the same way there are more right-handed people than left-handed people.  I always got very excited when I had a warm client before me!  This is a whole spectrum, however.  One person may be more 'cool' than another 'cool' person.  FYI:  in Color Me Beautiful, Summer and Winter are Cool Under-toned, and Spring and Fall are Warm Under-toned palettes.  Compare these colors:   

color comparison for warm and cool undertones

                                                                                            Cool Under-tone             Warm Under-tone

                                                                        Berry Red versus Tomatoe Red.  Sage versus Olive.  Pink versus Melon.

Compare these ladies:                         

                                cool and warm undertone complexion comparisons

                              Cool Under-tone skin       Warm Under-tone skin


After draping a client to determine her undertone and best value and intensity of color, I would proceed to hold up these color 'paddles' to select the best colors for her...  Since we're talking 'pink', compare the 'pink' paddles:

                                cool undertone pink color samples   Warm undertone pink samples

I'm just hoping your color monitor is good enough so you can see these differences!

Homework:  Take off all your makeup, grab everything (fabrics included) you have that is pink.  (Go to Wally World and buy a wide variety of pink things if you must).  Set yourself in front of a north window on a sunny day in front of a good mirror and drape yourself.  Look for color 'ties' with your lip color, your skin undertones...It will become crystal clear.  You might need an objective opinion... you may have emotional feelings about colors that could influence you. 

cool undertone lady in taupe suit and pink accents

 She ties together beautifully...her stylist knew what pink was best for her.  Note color of suit is her hair color - a great neutral for you:  your hair color.  Remember that when selecting a coat! 

I hope you get the idea.... there is so much more about color!  One main thing is to realize that as you age, your coloring 'softens', shall we say, and your colors should too.  You still need color, but softer colors...  you never want your color to 'wear' you! 

I wrote the above years ago, and have recently taken a full day seminar with Nancy Nix-Rice who teaches the same good TRUE things regarding looking your best. Check out my BLOG for some posts in Feb., March 2013 regarding that seminar.   I swear by her book:  Looking Good. She also has a DVD and a GREAT newsletter.  Subscribe at her website:

Londa - March, 2013.

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