Gallery: Sensational Shirring - General Directions

This Gallery covers the General Directions for top quality construction and spectacular shirring effects on knit tops.

Follow along in the pattern booklet for the COMPLETE directions.  You will be referred back to the general directions where appropriate.  

Note:  All image numbers do not exist in sequential order, but rest assured the photos I intended ARE here, and present themselves in the order that I desire.

To LISTEN to my personally-recorded AUDIO directions:

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  2.  Scroll down a bit until you see a bar at the left below the photo and click on the arrow pointing right.  Wait a moment while the audio loads.  Make sure your volume is turned up on your computer.  Listen. 

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Lastin Clear Elastic on Back shoulder seams to 'stay'.

Pressure on presser foot lessened prevents puckering on my machine. Test yours. 
Clip at seam line and remove Lastin from seam allowance to reduce bulk.  

Top stitch the shoulder seams.  
See back side to reduce bulk. 
Compare Elastic Thread brands - Stretchrite is heavier - for sure!

Always pull up Elastic Thread through the hole in the throat plate before starting to stitch.  
Technique with 1/8" braided elastic.
Stitch gathered piece to other by stitching between the 2 rows of gathering stitches.

Gathering stitches secured.

Release interior row of gathering stitches and pull off from right side. 
Stabilize hem allowances and balance bulk at seams. 

Keep your eye on a guide - NOT the needles!
Inside the tube for stitching skinny hem circumference on sleeves. 
Safest way to trim closest to hem stitching...

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