Londa's Terrific 'T' Knit Top Talking Pattern

Londa's Terrific 'T' Kit Top Talking Pattern™  

This 'online portion' of 'Londa's Terrific 'T' Knit Top' has been developed as an addition to the printed (or downloaded) product you have purchased.  It will greatly ADD TO your learning and creative sewing experience. 

It has NOT been developed to be a stand-alone, complete set of directions in and of itself. You will need to follow along with the printed (or downloaded) version of the pattern for the sections to 'make sense'.  

If you ordered the PDF Electronic Version instead of the Printed Pattern, you'll need to download the 'Binder' of pages to print out and tape together for the actual pattern pieces.  

Click on this link right below this line, to find, download, and print out those pattern pieces: 
Terrific T Knit Top Pattern Pieces
For those of you who ordered this pattern PDF Electronic Delivery
, the link for that is at the VERY BOTTOM of the email you received after placing your order.  Click on that link to download and print out the Booklet which would be the equivalent of what you'd have been sent (plus the pattern tissue) if you had ordered the pattern in printed version.  
Below is an outline of the 'sections' of this Talking™ portion of the instructions - followed by picture numbers that belong to that portion so that you can easily locate any individual section you might want to look at/listen to again.


OK - Click HERE to get to the Gallery of photos and my audio...
Wait for the black audio bar ar the lower left to load, and then click on the right directed arrow at the left.  Be sure to turn your speakers up.  
  • Introduction:  ltt-1
  • Recommended Notions:  ltt-2 thru ltt-8
  • Fit & Cut:  ltt-9 thru ltt-15
  • Construction Order:  ltt-16 thru ltt-20
  • Bound Neckline Finishes:   ltt-21 thru ltt-28
  • Ribbed neckline Finishes:  ltt-29 thru ltt-42
  • Snappy & Clean Neckline Finish:  ltt-43 thru ltt-48
  • Side seams:  ltt-49
  • Sleeve Insertion:  ltt-50-ltt-55 and YouTube Video
  • Hem:  ltt-56 thru ltt-58

As always, if you have ANY questions, or need help in ANY WAY - I'm here for you...

 just email me at londa@londas-sewing.com

or phone:  217-369-4687 

I promise...I will get right back with you!

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