Gallery: Zippers - Centered Application

The centered application as shown is likely the most popular 'EZ' method found in directions.  However, installed as with 'normal' directions, it ALWAYS shows, and you have diagonal pulls across the opening.  Try this method to solve both of those issues....
There is no audio for this frame. 

OPEn zipper and hand baste pressed seam allowance OVER the coil.  LISTEN to the audio! 

Another photo of pinned together at front - kinda scary of myself...

SO IMPORTANT:  Stitch each side starting at the bottom and working UP each side.  

Zipper foot gets oriented to outside of the zipper coil.  This will CHANGE for each side stitched. 
There is no separate audio for this frame.  

Be sure to leave long threads on top AND bottom when you start stitching on EACH side at the center bottom point.  
There is no separate audio for this frame. 

KNot threads pulled to back (you should have a total of 4 threads), and then bury them between layers rather than cutting close to the know.  

Finished zipper with teeth hidden and NO diagonal pulls!

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