Zipper Manifesto

Zipper Manifesto™


This 'online portion' of 'Zipper Manifesto' has been developed as an addition to the  downloaded PDF product you have purchased.  It will greatly ADD TO your learning and creative sewing experience. 

It has NOT been developed to be a stand-alone, complete set of directions in and of itself. You will need to follow along with the printed (or downloaded) version of the pattern for the sections to 'make sense'.  

Note:  All image numbers may not exist in sequential order, but rest assured the photos I intended ARE here, and present in the order that I desire. 

Below is an outline of the 'sections' of this Talking™ portion of the instructions - each being a LINK to that 'Gallery' of photos and audio.

To protect your investment (and my efforts and copyright), these are additional 'protected' Galleries.  Therefore, when you click on them, it will ask you for the password.  Find that password at the beginning of your PDF booklet. printed.  It is the same for all of the galleries, and is case sensitive (all lower case letters). 

 As always, if you have ANY questions, or need help in ANY WAY - I'm here for you...
just email me at 
I promise...I will get right back with you!

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